A full 6 point Hearing Conservation Programme for any work place noise issues.

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1 – Noise Measurement – get a handle on the problem… Using state of the art noise measuring equipment this services offers everything from full octave band analysis to providing data on your noise, the levels, the time weighted averages and the risk/dangers of possible NIHL. Also available are personal dosemeters for measuring averages over longer periods/full shifts. Results are then compiled into a straightforward readable report. Our trained technician has over 25 years experience in this field and is a certified competent person in industrial noise measurement.

2 – Reduction of noise at source. Where applicable guidance can be given on the reduction of noise at source or the reduction of employee exposure levels by any means.

3 – Comparison with PPE to ensure you have the right HPE for the job. Using the data from the Noise Measurement, this can be compared to a whole range of differing types of hearing protection devices to determine suitability. Other factors such as comfort, working environment, the need to communicate, etc are also considered at this stage. Our service can also “de-rate” attenuation performance in line with the current HSE guidance.

4 – Training in the need for HPE in the first place and then the correct fit/usage of any HPE. This can take the form of a simple toolbox talk to the shop floor.. right through to a Director level presentation. Training is a key part when implementing a full hearing conservation programme and should be refreshed on a regular basis.

5 – Validation of HPE. Certain HPE products from specific manufacturers can be validated in the wearers ear to give a “real world” performance level of attenuation. The best way to describe this “fit testing” for HPE. Whilst not yet a mandatory requirement, it is considered by the HSE as “best practise”. Our service will offer validation on most 3M/Peltor HPE products both earplugs and earmuffs.

6- Communications. Where employees still need to communicate in noisy environments this becomes more of a challenge when also expecting them to wear hearing protection. Our service offers a site specific evaluation of any existing communications system,whether that be analogue radio/digital radio/UHF/VHF/Air Band/Cell phone/Bluetooth/DECT/POC etc. We can then offer a range of solutions to incorporate both HPE and Communications, making the workplace considerably safer as well as improving productivity.

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